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Frances_WONG_Immediate Past President Message
Professor Frances Kam Yuet WONG
RN PhD FAAN FHKAN (Education & Research)
Immediate Past President, The HK Academy of Nursing

Dear Fellows,

I write this message as the Immediate Past President with honor and pride.  It was a great privilege for me to serve as President of The Hong Kong Academy of Nursing in the last 4 years.  I grow personally together with the profession, in developing advanced nursing practice in Hong Kong. 

Nursing in Hong Kong has shined across the regions and locally, in spite of the many challenges we have encountered.  In reflecting back, a number of milestone events have happened during my term of presidency.  Within the Academy, we have established Fellowship certification systems for all Academy Colleges, started a Chapter for the Young Fellows, and conducted many public health education sessions for the community including the annual event of WHO Carnival.   Within Hong Kong, we continue to strive for our mission in attaining statutory status for advanced practice nurses. Currently, we have been invited by the Nursing Council to establish the core competencies of 16 specialties in paving the way for voluntary registration of specialty/advanced nurses and eventually for statutory status.  Cross-regionally, we have conducted a recognition exercise for Guangzhou nurses for their advanced practice nurses using the HKAN criteria, signed Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Newcastle in Australia and the McMaster University in Canada.  In 2016, we have hosted the 9th International Council of Nurses International Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Nursing Network Conference in Hong Kong with tremendous success. 

I share these events with you to celebrate and express my deepest gratitude to our team!  The HKAN shines because all Academy Colleges and their Fellows have contributed.  Without the efforts and dedication of our Founding President, Dr Susie Lum, the HKAN will not be born.   The Academy has developed by leaps and bounds in the last few years, based on the solid foundation built by Dr Lum, with the great support of the Council.  Now I pass on the Academy to our third President, Professor Sek-ying Chair, who I am sure will lead HKAN to a higher ground.

May I wish you all wellness, particularly during this challenging period in battling with COVID-19!










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